Cover Reveal: A Catalog of Burnt Objects + Paperback edition of As Many Nows As I Can Get


I am thrilled to share the cover for my next novel, A Catalog of Burnt Objects, and the gorgeous redesign for the paperback release of my debut As Many Nows As I Can Get. 2025 is going to be a very exciting year!

Here is some more information about the new novel:

Seventeen-year-old Caprice wants to piece her family back together now that her older brother has returned home, even as she resents that he ever broke them apart. Just as she starts to get a new footing—falling in love for the first time, mending her relationship with her brother, completing the app that she hopes will win her a college scholarship and a job in tech—wildfires strike Sierra, her small California town, forcing her to reckon with a future that is impossible to predict. A response to the terrifying, heartbreaking events of Paradise, California, where I grew up, and a love story of many kinds, this is a tale that looks at what is lost and discovers what remains, and how a family can be nearly destroyed again and again, and still survive.

Thanks to the following wonderful folks at Penguin for their design and artwork:

Cover credits:

A Catalog of Burnt Objects Cover Illustration: David Curtis, Cover Design: Kristie Radwilowicz

As Many Nows As I Can Get Cover Design: Theresa Evangelista